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huur yaoi is so kawaii desune

This freshman chick (I’m a high school sophmore) came to our school’s SUMO club (Southern Underground Multi-media Organization, formerly Anime Club, but we wanted to extend our love to all branches of geekdom) with a couple of other scene-ish girls, and, I kid you not, she was dressed up in this Pikachu pajama-looking thing. With a hoodie. Yeah. I wanted to be nice, so I went over and talked to her, and she kept speaking in this high-pitched, “moe”, OMGZ KAWAII DESU~ voice. Think Stephanie Sheh, except more aggravating. And she kept doing it. It was extremely annoying, to say the least. The other girls she came in with weren’t any better. In fact, the next day, I saw one of them wearing the thing. DURING school hours. SIGH. It’s funny, because I’m the club’s librarian, and that posse is the one that checks out the most manga out of everyone. They plow through them, like, 15 a week. It’s ridiculous.


I remember going to our school’s anime club one year and I overheard this conversation.

“Everyone should go to the Gay-Straight-Alliance Group.”
“Yeah! There is yaoi!”
“Sugoi-desu! I’ll go with you (name)-chan!”

I left and never went back.